With Jason Lee, Cardi B Discusses Takeoff’s Death, Plastic Surgery, Quavo’s “Messy,” and Other Topics

Cardi B’s debut album, Invasion of Privacy, has been out for five years soon. Her sophomore attempt does not yet have a publication date, which is unfortunate for her supporters. Many people continue to hope that it will arrive in 2023.

The native New Yorker has recently primarily been in full parenting gear. She has made family time with her husband and their daughter, Kulture, a priority since since welcoming Wave, her second child with Offset, last year. But recent images show that she’s going back to the studio. This past weekend, this caused a social media craze.


On her own Instagram and Twitter accounts, Cardi frequently shares snippets of her life. She does, however, conduct very few interviews. But even as she appears to be getting ready to return to society, the mother of two sat down with Jason Lee to address some pressing issues.

The CEO of Hollywood Unlocked opened up to his longtime friend about plastic surgery for the inaugural episode of his REVOLT podcast. She has a history of being open about having cosmetic surgery done, and this talk was no exception. In fact, she now regrets the procedure that “f*cked her nose up” since she did not conduct adequate research into a non-surgical nose job.

After shooting the music video for “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi decided to get a rhinoplasty. The 30-year-old made it clear that although she had multiple operations herself, they weren’t done because she was insecure. Rather, it was a desire to shape herself into a certain image.

The “Lick” singer had to wait seven months for body work after Wave was born. She claims that in order to “pop out” once more as her fans have been pleading with her to, she had to wait until after her surgery.

Cardi also shares where she was when she found out about Takeoff’s passing. Was in bed, she remembers. Our plans to attend La La’s party in New York were derailed when my baby puked all over my outfit. We had hardly fallen asleep when suddenly both Offset’s and my phones started ringing nonstop.

Offset got up the phone and was yelling “No!” repeatedly, she continued. The rapper replied, “Takeoff is dead,” when his wife enquired as to what was wrong. She reportedly smacked him after hearing the news and pleaded with him not to say something reprehensible.

Cardi was terrified as the Migos member kept throwing items, throwing up, and running around the house. She admits, “It was awful. Everything was very upsetting.

Cardi B discusses her experiences with anxiety, being an introvert, and her thoughts on Quavo’s “Messy” track with Takeoff in other segments of The Jason Lee Show. See it down below, and check back later for more updates on pop culture news.


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