William Killion Obituary, William Killion Suddenly Passed Away

William Killion Obituary, Death – William “Bill” Killion is warmly remembered by his wife, children, siblings, and friends. This is because he was such a significant figure in their lives and because he played such an important part in their lives. As a result, this is the case. When the family of Killion breaks the news to friends and acquaintances of his departure, they do so with a great lot of melancholy and are unable to console themselves in the process.
A ceremony will be conducted in his honor on the afternoon of Saturday, March 25, 2023, at 2:00 o’clock, to commemorate his life as well as the legacy he has left behind. This celebration will take place in his honor. This event will take place in his honor. Via its numerous ministries, members of Kingdom Life Christian Church are offered the ability to participate in volunteer activities.

10400 West Main Street, Belleville, Illinois 62223 10400 West Main Street, Belleville, Illinois 62223 10400 West Main StreetGod is the only one who can explain why something like this happened, but please know that my family and I will be praying for your fast recovery and for the consolation of those who are closest to you at this trying time.Daneen, I am so very sorry to hear of the loss that you have gone through; please accept my my condolences. I urge that you please accept my heartfelt sympathies. During this terrible time, I want you to know that I am keeping you and every member of your family in my thoughts and prayers. I ask that you please accept my deepest sympathies.

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