Romanian police seize $4 million worth of cars and watches from Andrew Tate’s property.

The world was shocked by Andrew Tate’s arrest last month on suspicion of kidnapping and human trafficking. Additionally, Andrew Tate’s high-value possessions, such as luxury automobiles and timepieces, were recently taken by Romanian authorities at his residence in Bucharest. Authorities seized a $3.9 million collection of vehicles and jewels as part of their probe into him.

In addition, the British-American influencer, 36, gained reputation for his opulent lifestyle and misogynistic beliefs. He was arrested in Bucharest by authorities, who allegedly accused him of rape and operating an organized crime network. These allegations also apply to his brother and two other Romanian citizens. Although the news surprised many people, it is not wholly unexpected given how frequently Tate boasted about his despicable behavior.

In addition, Romanian police seized 14 costly watches and 15 sport automobiles as part of the confiscated assets on Saturday (January 14). The information was released in a news release by the Romanian Asset Recovery and Management Agency. Along with the cash discovered in various currencies, the assets’ total value now stands at 18 million lei ($3.9 million).

The blue Rolls-Royce in Bucharest matches the one in the government statement, despite the fact that Tate’s name was not mentioned in the official report. Additionally, police towed away a BMW, Aston Martin, and Porsche with “T8” license plates. Furthermore, an illuminated sign on the house itself bears the name “Tate.”

On Tuesday, a judge upheld extending the influencer’s detention from 24 hours to 30 days (January 10). After that, according to an AP story, Tate chose not to challenge the confiscation of his assets. In Tate’s initial arrest report, the DIICOT anti-organized crime organization noted six victims. They claimed that Tate’s gang used romanticism to entice women before torturing and coercing them physically. Additionally, the offenders kept an eye on them and made them “perform obscene performances.” According to the investigation, the crooks sexually attacked at least one victim twice.

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