Robert Hipps  Obituary, 95,Year,Old Victim Found In Columbia House Fire Has Died

Robert Hipps  Obituary, Death – County Emergency Medical Services entered the house through a bedroom window so that they could remove the victim. The victim, who was eventually determined to be Robert Hipps Jr., 95 years old, was removed from the property before authorities arrived. He was trapped inside the house and had no way to get out of there. After that, he was sent to a nearby hospital, but he did not make it through the journey; he tragically passed away once he arrived at the institution.

According to the reports that were made available, the fire department did not get any additional complaints of injuries as a direct result of the blaze. This is something that was noted in the reports that were made available. Nonetheless, they did confess that they had made contact with the coroner’s office and that their investigation was still ongoing a few hours later. This information was provided in the admission. The information in question was provided by the respondent after the question “Have you called the coroner’s office?” was posed to them.

By that time, investigators had gathered additional evidence, and they had arrived at the conclusion that a space heater was the origin of the spark that started the fire.In order to conduct a thorough inquiry into the fire, we are going to continue our cooperative collaboration with the Fire Department of the City of Columbia. This will allow us to gather as much information as possible. By following the link that has been provided in this article, you will be able to read the statement that was released by the Coroner Nadia Rutherford on Tuesday afternoon and made available to the general public.

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