Offset allegedly changed his behavior after Cardi B filed for divorce.

Cardi B and Offset’s contentment was a hard journey, despite the fact that their followers view them as Hip Hop “couple goals.” After getting married in the fall of 2017, where they had first met, the couple was expecting their first child in April 2018. However, it was rumored in 2020 that Cardi had filed for divorce due to the rapper from the Migos’ alleged adultery. Cardi and Offset got back together a month later.

She admitted to Jason Lee on his new Revolt series that she and Offset “were not seeing eye to eye.” “This was basically the same year I divorced and everything,” the speaker said.


The singer of “Up” cut off her explanation to indicate that she wanted her husband to hear some of this information for himself. Lee agreed, interrupting Cardi, and added that he also wanted Offset to speak for himself.

Because it was the main issue that was bugging me the most, I’m going to let him talk about it, Cardi said. I honestly think that’s a part of his tale, so I want him to speak it.

She said, “The essential thing that I wanted to stop and everything, he stopped. “He changed, and I could see he wanted to change for me,” the person said.

He changed for his family, Lee continued.

Tomorrow will see the release of the complete interview between Lee and Cardi (January 17). As further details from the conversation emerge, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.


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