Jay-Z Used Bun B’s Lyrics on “99 Problems,” and Bun B Reacted.

Few people will likely spot Jay-allusion Z’s to UGK in “99 Problems,” but Bun B doesn’t appear to mind at all. In a recent interview with Talib Kweli on The People’s Party, Bun B pondered on Jay-Z borrowing his lines from “Touched” on a standout track off The Black Album.

Not everyone is aware that Jay used his bars on the third stanza of “99 Problems,” according to Kweli. Bun B, however, asserted that he believes Jay-Z intended it as a means to respect both him and Pimp C.


“However, I don’t think it’s that significant. I’d call it respect for one another,” he remarked. In hip-hop, we practice this a lot, right? Artists have said, “Fuck that was awesome, the way he said that,” in this context. And occasionally you want to honor that wordplay. How many songs have you heard, Kweli, and thought to yourself, “I would have rhymed that last part like this.”

Bun continued by saying that Jay-use Z’s of his lyrics ultimately led to more people becoming familiar with UGK’s Ridin’ Dirty success.

“I believe you have the impression that this rhyme is amazing but that not enough people have heard it. I’m going to throw this in right here. People have to go back and figure it out sometimes when you take a dope rhyme and turn it into a hook,” he continued. “But nah, I doubt many people are aware of that. It doesn’t bother me if they are unaware of it or if they are aware of it.

Watch the video below.


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