Helvi Abatiell Obituary Rutland, Vermont, A Member Of Chaffee Art Center Has Died

Helvi Abatiell Obituary, Death – Helvi Abatiell has sadly passed away. Helvi, you will be missed by all of us. And one showed her engaged in an activity that brought her delight. Chaffee Elementary School’s clay class. Helvi has spent over 25 years working with both children and adults as a pottery instructor.

After graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in studio art, she started Creative Space Art Gym in the central business district of Rutland, Vermont. She soon grasped that her newly created and developing family deserved her complete care. Following an absence of a few years, she got her hands wet once more at a children’s art studio called Hands On Minds On.

And she also aided a friend in opening a pottery studio called Muddy Hands. Helvi continued to share her love of clay with the people of Rutland for a number of years after the program in which she had previously engaged was taken over by the Recreation and Parks Department of Rutland. Currently, Helvi may be found at the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland.

Assisting with the summer programming and directing various camps and programs there. She finds inspiration in the patterns that nature generates as well as sunflowers, and she enjoys taking on excursions into the woods around her home in Mendon, Vermont, in search of strange plants, roots, and other objects to incorporate into clay or resin.

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