Hatler Robinson Obituary, South Point, OH, Hatler Robinson Has Sadly Passed Away

Hatler Robinson Obituary, Death – We say our final goodbyes with a heavy heart because he was a devoted partner, father, grandfather, foster parent, and friend who died away recently. Hatler and his devoted wife Gina Robinson have been taking care of foster children placed in their home by Necco for well over a decade at this point.

They have showed compassion and love to each and every person who has entered their home throughout the years, during which time they have taken in hundreds of foster children. Gina Robinson and her husband Hatler Robinson Jr. have made it a point to ensure that their house is constantly full of their loved ones and that guests are made to feel at ease there. Our hearts were filled with sorrow as we learned of the demise of such a beautiful person and foster parent after we received the news.

The funeral was held today, and the family will continue to need our thoughts and prayers as they move forward with their life despite the fact that the rituals have already taken place. I would like to express my gratitude to Hatler and Gina for the time, effort, and love that they have put into making the lives of the many children they have cared for over the years more joyful and loving. In particular, I would like to thank them for the many years that they have spent caring for children.

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