Fred Whipple Obituary, Active/Life Member Of SVFD Has Died

Fred Whipple Obituary, Death – On Sunday, March 19, 2023, Fred Whipple, who had been an Active/Life Member of the SVFD for many years, passed away. The news of his passing was delivered to the members of the SVFD with a heavy heart. Fred was one of our active members and held the record for the most period of time spent with the South Valley Fire Department (58 years). He signed up in the year 1965. Everyone at the firehouse regarded Fred for being the “most senior” member of the crew due to his fantastic attitude.

Fred was the “most senior” member. His knowledge and experience will be handed on to each and every member of the group that he shared it with since he was so generous with it. Fred was able to accomplish a great lot over his time spent working as a firefighter. Particularly, in 1968, he shown an incredible amount of bravery when he entered a restricted area, despite the fact that doing so put him in great risk, in order to save three other people who had become overpowered by fumes.

He did this in order to save people who had become overcome by the fumes. During the course of Fred’s career as a teacher in the public schools of Somers, which spanned a total of 25 years, he undoubtedly left an impression on the lives of a significant number of his pupils. In this trying time, the members of the SVFD are keeping the Whipple family, including his wife Loretta, in their thoughts and prayers. We will miss him very much as a member of the SVFD, and we are very sorry for their loss.

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