Amil, a Jay-Z protégé, is listed by Ed Lover as the biggest “what if” in hip-hop.

Amil, who was formerly signed to Jay-Roc-A-Fella Z’s Records, is the largest “What If” in hip-hop history, according to Ed Lover. Throughout her career, Amil only put out one studio album, 2000’s All Money Is Legal.

Lover responded to Nelly’s statement that The D.O.C. was the largest “What If” by talking about Amil’s career. Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke were also mentioned as excellent choices.

Lover wrote on Instagram, “Nelly stated The D.O.C. is the biggest ‘What If’ in Hip Hop history because [he] got hurt after giving us one album, right? So, I would concur that Nelly is correct about D.O.C. Nipsey Hussle should also be mentioned, though. In addition, I’d like to mention Pop Smoke. Amil is another name I’d want to add.

He said, “And Imma tell you why I’m adding Amil.” With JAY-Z on the pen game, why? Amil certainly had the potential to be something extraordinary. Therefore, Nipsey Hussle, The D.O.C., Pop Smoke, and Amil. The biggest “What Ifs” in Hip Hop history, in my opinion.

All Money Is Legal was released by Amil in August 2000. On the US Billboard 200 list, the album peaked at position 45.

Despite the positive reception to the debut, Amil was soon removed off the Roc-A-Fella roster. While there were allegations that she and Jay-Z were at odds, she has subsequently rejected them. She instead cites the strain of the music business and her desire to concentrate on raising her child.

Amil talked to Vibe Magazine in 2011 about her resignation from Roc-A-Fella.

I haven’t spoken to Jay in years, but I really wish I could because it would give me so much closure, she said. But he is aware of my love for him. There was never any ill will between us, despite what many may believe. Things happen, and at the time I wasn’t prepared for the direction my career was taking. It was very intimidating.

Below are Ed Lover’s whole remarks about Amil.


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