According to Tony Yayo, Fredo Bang’s quarrel was put to rest after signing a “$100 M Deal.”

Tony Yayo thinks NBA Youngboy was persuaded to put an end to his protracted spat with Fredo Bang by Motown’s $100 million deal with the rapper from Baton Rouge.

NBA Since 2020, Youngboy and Fredo Bang’s conflict has dominated online conversation. At that point, Bang jokingly referred to Youngboy as his “kid,” but YB didn’t take it lightly. Instead, the two continued to argue during the years that followed before making up in late 2022. Some people, including Tony Yayo, think that this choice was influenced by YB’s contract with Motown.

During his most recent Vlad TV appearance, Tony Yayo explained his theory regarding why their feud came to an end. The G-Unit rapper claimed that due of the accompanying check, YB’s recent deal with Motown probably helped to defuse any street unrest.

How much cash were given to NBA Youngboy? Tony Yayo enquired of Vlad before putting a $100 million price tag on his Motown contract. Shout out to NBA Youngboy, please. If you offer me $100 million, I’ll agree and say, “Stop the violence.” Because he is now in a completely other tax bracket. Therefore, kudos to him for being one of the top dogs in this field.

Because now that they are watching, they are trying to rob you of that money, Tony Yayo continued.

When the “Unity in the Community” Christmas toy drive took place in Louisiana, NBA Youngboy and Fredo Bang officially put their differences behind them. Children in the neighborhood received clothing, toys, blankets, and other items on December 24 as part of the celebration.

Before his contract with Motown took effect in 2023, YB terminated his agreement with Atlantic Records last year. I Rest My Case, the rapper’s debut release for the label, has already released.


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