According to Jordin Sparks Grammys “No Air” Snub Due to Chris Brown and Rihanna Fight: Watch

Since collaborating on “No Air” 15 years ago, Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown have created magic. But the former American Idol contestant still stands up for her friend. Even if they might have cost her a Grammy, she has in the past silenced critics who bring up the father of three’s earlier accusations of abuse.

The singer of “One Step At A Time” made an appearance on Cut’s “Truth or Drink” video series earlier this month. The host kept flashing back to the 2009 award presentation during the conversation. Because of an altercation with his then-girlfriend Rihanna, Breezy was detained at the time.

Sparks claimed that she learned about the incident “as everyone else [did].” She recalled label publicists saying to the artist, “You know nothing,” when they approached her on the red carpet.

She didn’t know what had happened at the time; all she knew was that “No Air” had been nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. The night would’ve been a dream come true in any other situation. However, after Breezy’s arrest, things unquestionably got worse.

Sparks claims that at the ceremony, she learned the truth. She first believed they “had a fairly good chance of winning.” But in the end, “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)” by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss was the winner.

According to the 33-year-old, “I couldn’t believe it. “I wasn’t responsible for a lot of what transpired after that. She continued, “I believe that many of the influential people didn’t understand the ins and outs of the business.

It’s never fun to think about what “No Air” may have been. Fortunately, Sparks was happy to talk about both her relationship and her solo work throughout the interview. The host questioned her, “Have you ever done the nasty while listening to your own music?”

Her husband Dana Isaiah swiftly responds on television with “Yes” in her place. She makes the quip, “I don’t even get to take a shot, dammit it,” while his wife chuckles. She then claims that “Silhouette” from her Right Here Right Now album is the ideal song for the bedroom.

Watch the entire “Truth or Drink” episode with Jordin Sparks below, and come back later for more music news updates.


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